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ULTRAFAST                         PORTABLE



Ultra Power Up is a compact energy storage device with PL Capacity ® applied.

It can replace auxiliary battery products due to its small size. It overcomes the disadvantages of normal batteries with slow charging and short lifespan, promising fast charging, 10-year warranty life, and safety without explosion.



UltraPower Up
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Features & Specifications

-Small & Light.

-Great to carry and use everywhere


-5 minutes is enough to charge 80%!


-20,000 times, 10 years warranty without loss of capacity!

-Capacity : 20Wh Super capacitor : (4.2V , 4100F) × 2

-Input : 4.5V ~ 25V(100W) USB C-Type

-Output : USB PD3.1 /USB C-Type 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 20V3A, 20V5A


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