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Pure & Drinking

Water System

ThePURO is a large-capacity pure water package system that can be applied to industrial fields that require pure water such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio, food, and chemical industries.

There is no longer a need to pipe pure water from the basement or corner of the factory for use. You can manufacture and use pure water directly in the place where pure water is used. You can easily move to the place you need. You can produce pure water right away and use it immediately, ensuring perfect water quality.


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Special Features

-Microfilter(1㎛)→UF membrane→Activated carbon filter→UV sterilizer
-Multi-stage filtration process applied
-Arsenic and Fluoride Removal
-UF Membrane applied to remove turbidity, particles and bacteria
-Use of power sources (electricity, solar power) suitable for on-site conditions
-Hydraulic and gravity filtration in areas without electricity
-RO Membrane can be used depending on the situation
-Designed to be assembled and disassembled for easy on-site installation

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